Your Agency really DOES make a difference in Florida on Property Insurance!

     Often it's the "little things" that really add up. At AIS, we understand....there are no little things! We understand the need to make sure that you are projecting your costs with precision and that we want to make sure you pay the lowest price possible!

    1) Bill Paying/Financing:  When it comes to paying your premium, we pulled out all the stops! We've partnered with one of the   10 largest Banks in the USA to offer a special arrangement to AIS Clients with interest rates normally under 4%! Also you can pay check by phone, auto draft, online,and have 24/7 access to payment info. AIS even finances FLOOD, JUA, etc. as low as 10% down!

    2) Budgets: We know how important budget projections can be for Condominium Associations. Our agents routinely sit with property managers and board members to review anticipated insurance costs well in advance of the policy expiration date. Generally our insurance premium projections are very accurate within a three month window of the renewal date.  We'll give our best educated guess at the 6 and 3 month timetables. Does your current Agent help in budgeting?

 3) A Welcome Kit for both new and renewing Clients. This gives you what to expect, when to expect it and all the tools you'll need to operate  and easiest process as it relates to insurance. We make commitments and honor them. We think you'll like that.

4) Common Documents: Including in the welcome kit is a list of the commonly needed documents that you encounted on a daily basis. Who is responsible for what in the event of a claim (unit-owner or Association)? What is a Loss Assessement and why will it help everyone?

5) How can we spend a little to save a lot? What is the role and how is the insurance priced to maximize costs to the Insurance Company....and how we can turn that around in YOUR favor!

 How can AIS help manage these processes with the Silver Platter Service?


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