Discover the Leader's Pricing....Common Sense Assurance means lower costs.

Discover the Leader's Pricing is our Program that ties everything together to lower your costs.

The AIS mission is to protect your lifestyle.

      Business with honest common sense.

We cut your premiums by cutting the Insurance Companies' costs.

If it costs less for the Insurance Company to insure, they can lower your price.

We work all year on lowering your costs, Insurance shouldn't be bought in a "used car sales" frenzy from Agents in the last week. Is there ANY business where chaos lowers costs?

Lower costs through forensic inspections by experts.

Lower costs by pre-planning for Claims or a Disaster

Lower costs by leveraging network of $ 200 million in premium

Lower costs by immediate response to a Claim.


Association Insurance Specialists

One Beach Drive • Second Floor • St. Petersburg, FL 33701


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