Jump On it! Claims Service - Faster Disaster Recovery

Faster Claims, Faster Repairs, Faster Recovery

We offer partnerships with the largest disaster recovery companies in the world, and our Jump On It! Claims Service moves you toward the front of the line when disaster strikes.

How? Since 1939 we've been one of Florida's top insurance companies, and with that we have the experience and the scale of operations to help you when the big one hits. Or even when the small one hits. And you get the Jump On It! service at no extra cost. It's part of doing business with Association Insurance Specialists.

Disaster Planning

The best response starts before disaster strikes, so we offer a comprehensive approach to assess your risk and plan for a disaster including.

  • Property Review and Assessment - Onsite property review by an expert contractor to uncover risks ahead of time.
  • Custom Disaster Plan – We create a custom plan for your disaster recovery.

Better planning means lower out-of-pocket expenses, faster response and better recovery. so you save money.

Take Care of that Expensive Little Number

Partner with Association Insurance Specialists and get more than a phone number...you get fast response and a plan to minimize your costs.

Remember, in the event of a storm....that 3% deductible is an EXPENSIVE LITTLE NUMBER.

Association Insurance Specialists

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