Association Insurance Specialists and our signature 16% Flood Reality Check!

With Association Insurance Specialists, you can start earning a 16% rebate per year on your flood insurance. Really, we mean it. We have and will continue to rebate 16% of your true Flood Premium Every Year! It's our Flood Reality check and it's automatic for all Association Insurance Clients....each and every year. It's not a one time's who we Agency you can trust.

Get Your Flood Reality Check this year....and every year.

It does not matter where in Florida or the type of property, it will be eligible for the rebate when you insure with us. This is possible by a specially restricted method of writing insurance called “rebating” which is made legally possible as per Florida Statute 626.572. As a result, AIS will be able to return 12% of the commissionable premium back to you, after the policy is paid in full.


How do we do it? We pass our volume bonus commissions to YOU!

Association Insurance Specialists, as it's own Flood Carrier...can pass these savings to the people who deserve it most-you!

When you research flood policies you will quickly find out that although all policies are the same not all agencies are the same. AIS is different because we will return 16% of the commissionable premium back to you, after the policy is paid in full. Currently most flood insurance carriers pay the agents up to 18% commission. As our own Carrier, we get get more! 

It's the Flood Reality Check....and that's AFTER we apply every legal discount!


Association Insurance Specialists

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