REIT Manager and Distressed Property Services

At Association Insurance Specialists, we understand how demanding your job is managing your Portfolio. We’re here to help. Isn’t it time someone worked for YOU?

First, we can setup your own customized web info center for your properties, a personalized, password-protected site to make a single source for all documents YOU want to keep. In one source you can have the:

  • “Jump on it” Claim Response
  • Appraisals and related documents
  • Insurance Policy Information
  • Billing Center information including financing info, etc.
  • Budget Info, Property Schedules, Rosters, Tenant lists, Portfolio Management, etc.
  • Place to keep any maintenance or repairs documentation
  • Discount forms for  Insurance for Wind Mitigation, Construction updates, etc.
  • Add or remove Properties bought and sold as you go on your own secure Web Portal....or call us anytime!

And you can keep your Boards and Banks up to date with advance Budget Projections and a constant flow of needed info. And they get access to frequent questions and resources to get the answers….in seconds! Call us….or we’ll post the resources on your site.

Evidences of Insurance. You can do it in a minute, yourself, if you want. Or we can…you decide.

Much, much more! Our Silver Platter Service is available to you by web, or even by phone 24/7.

You depend on us. We get that. We are here to work for YOU!

 Just Click Client Log in and we're working for you. If you’d like to see an example click here  

Association Insurance Specialists

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